Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some layered NOTDs using Wet n Wild, FingerPaints, Kanebo and China Glaze

These were two of my favorite manis back in May.

Wet n Wild Blueberry Fizz layered with FingerPaints Sapphire Shimmer

This NOTD just mesmerized me for as long as I wore it, which was about three or four days. I got barely any tipwear with it (using Nail Life Gripper and Diamont). My nails looked and felt extremely strong, almost fake (in a good way). And it sparkled. My goodness did it sparkle! I loved it so much that I didn't take it off until I had done the same combination on my toes; it's been my pedi for the last month. Wet n Wild Blueberry Fizz is well worth the dollar: it's a little thick but it's nicely pigmented. As for FingerPaints Sapphire Shimmer, a mixed holo glitter in dark blue jelly... I had wanted to be opaque but even sheer, it's a fun polish. Thanks so much to Adrienne for picking one up for me!

Video of the sparkly!

Kanebo The Red layered with China Glaze Dynasty

Yes, the Kanebo is actually called "The Red". It's basic dark red creme and is perfect in three coats (you can probably get away with two). After having that as my mani for a couple of days, I decided I needed to jazz it up with a little glitter. I broke out China Dynasty and wondered what took me so long to use it! It's a mixed holo glitter in a brick red jelly and I think you can probably build it to opacity with enough patience. Though on top of Kanebo The Red it is a dark, rich red, Dynasty is actually an almost-orangey faded red. A lot of people don't seem to like it precisely because it isn't a saturated red but I like it because it is a slightly unusual jelly color. I'll probably try it out alone someday this summer. I LOVE holo glitters in the summer.