Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prevail I'm Not a Tourist

I picked up this super dark green at a Duane Reade in NYC a few weekends ago. I was on a dark green craze for month.. a little late to the party, but it's never too late for dark greens! :) This was very opaque and applied smoothly in two coats. The formula reminded me of the Pure Ice brand that is found in Walmart. I'm pretty sure Prevail is a Duane Reade exclusive brand. According to this website, they have other stuff like tweezers, hair brushes, etc. I didn't browse around Duane Reade long enough to find out what else Prevail had though.

sorry for the lint!
They had a whole display of nail polishes in a wide arrange of colors -- all of which that I've seen before and didn't think they were unique enough to buy. The thing I didn't like was that this thing cost $6!!!!!!!! Way more than what a lot of my other nail polishes normally cost. On top of that I have to pay 8.875% NYC sales tax (sales tax is only 7% in NJ). Pretty pricey for a drug store nail polish that reminded me of Pure Ice nail poilsh found at Walmart. I definitely won't be buying anymore Prevail nail polishes unless they are unique.