Saturday, June 19, 2010

Missha swatches

A couple of Missha swatches: for anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99, it's not a bad brand but it's completely hit and miss for me.

Missha VL01

One of my favorite manicures of the past quarter. Look at all that beautiful silver (and possibly purple) glitter in the reddish purple jelly. It sparkles and shines gorgeously. Three coats.

Missha GR03
Basic grey creme. Three coats. Nice but not outstanding.

Missha GR01
A dark aqua blue shimmer. Four coats, still VNL. Not pleased.

Missha BL001

This powder blue creme looks lovely in the photo but it took four coats to even out. I know that pastels are a pain in the ass but there are tons of beautiful pastel blues out there that are perfect in three coats and a couple that are great in two. Color Club does pastel blues very well and they cost about the same as Missha polishes.