Monday, June 21, 2010

Trend-cum-Classic: Sephora by OPI Metro Chic

My life has been pretty hectic as of late. Family issues are ruling my life, and I spend every waking minute that I'm not in lab dealing with them. Lab isn't going all that great either, and my apartment is a complete disaster. Even though it is summer and 'pastel weather' (about 90ºF and humid here!) I needed a sort of Heimkehr - a return to home, to feel like myself again.

So I put on a polish that I wear a lot, but for some reason have never shown you. I think it is because I wear it when I'm super busy/flustered and don't have the time/energy/patience/awareness to snap pictures. I only own back-ups of two polishes (Essie Tennis Corset and OPI DS Glow) but I consider this baby totally back-up worthy! You can't tell from the pictures, but I'm definitely going to need another bottle soon.

Sephora by OPI ($OPI) Metro Chic - a colour that was super trendy a couple years ago but has proved its staying power and become a total classic in my opinion. I know this one has been reviewed to death, but here it is on me:

I took a couple pictures because the colour of this is hard to accurately capture - it's a dusty, milky, silky, smokey ermine colour with purple tones. Basically, grey + brown + purple = Metro Chic. It sounds bizarre, but on the nail it is just super chic and elegant, and whenever I put this on I think "Why on earth do I wear anything else?!" - truly the sign of a great polish!

The one tick I would put in the 'con' column for Metro Chic is that is a Sephora by OPI polish - not that I dislike the polish itself - I just hate hate hate that long skinny brush!! However, I made a HUGE discovery - the OPI ProWide brush fits in the $OPI cap! I ripped out that awful brush, stuck a ProWide in there, and now my absolute favourite brush is now in what might be my absolute favourite polish!!!! It improved application tremendously, and I did two easy coats - in the dark, I might add - and I think it turned out great.

Is there a colour you go back to again and again? Do you think taupe colours have become classic or would you still put them in the trend zone?