Monday, June 7, 2010

Some random Zoya swatches: Zara, Nidhi, Indigo, Luna

Well, I'm back home and ready to finish up the last bit of business I have for this school year. Thank goodness. In the meanwhile, some Zoya swatches. Anyone else going to partake in the Exchange that ends at the end of this month? I'm thinking of doing it one more time maybe. It depends. Even with Anchor, Armor and Hurry-Up Drops, I still don't love the brand that much...

Zoya Luna
This reminds me of wet papier mache mixed with glitter. Which is not a flattering description but I rather liked the texture of this polish: it's very different from the other silver glitters I own. A little hard to apply evenly. Three coats.

Zoya Nidhi
I'm so not a fan of red. I don't know why. Medium red with gold glitter. It looks kinda orangey on me. Great formula, though I should've applied one more coat; the above photo is two coats.

Zoya Zara
This is pretty fug on me indoors: it looks like a warm, almost frosty purple... just washed out and uninteresting but sunlight brings out the really lovely gold shimmer and brightens the purple considerably. This photo was taken in my lightbox and doesn't show how pretty the polish actually gets. I don't know whether I want to keep this one or not (omg, tomorrow, I start my major polish purge!!). I find it kind of unbearable to look at indoors but can't stop staring at it outdoors.

Zoya Indigo

See that pretty holo glitter in the bottle? It doesn't show up on the nail. What, I ask, is the point then? I LOVED the formula on this. Two coats, really pigmented dark blue shimmer. But it looks black. You can sort of see the blue shimmer when sun hits it directly but even then, it's practically black.