Friday, June 4, 2010

Cleansing my Palette with OPI No Bees Please!

OPI No Bees Please - what an adorable name!

I know that normally when I sport sheers, the name Essie is usually on the bottle - I guess this is me mixing it up?

This is 3 coats:

Click to enlarge and see the fuchsia shimmer!:

No Bees Please is the perfect shade of sheer buff (basically my mannequin hands colour but sheer...) that leans a titch pink thanks to its gorgeous fuchsia shimmer. Typically sheer 'nude' shades are either too brown and make my hands look dirty, or too pink and just look...well, pink, but I think this one is pretty perfect. Plus, it applies beautifully and completely streak-free...I may have found a new HG shade here!

I feel so refreshed and cleansed wearing this - like eating watermelon after a big steak dinner. Sometimes I need to wear something clean and simple after going wild and crazy, and this definitely fits the bill - plus, its got a little extra kick thanks to the unique shimmer!

What's your favourite polish palette-cleanser?


P.S. Too excited not to tell you - I recently got my hands on Chanel Kaleidoscope! It is on its way to me and I can't wait to share it with you!