Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Cool Polish for a Hot Day: Essie Minimalistic is so hot and humid here lately that I've been wanting to wear light colours! I know its not the same as wearing a black shirt in the scorching sun, but the idea of wearing a dark polish colour in this heat just seems unbearable...

So instead I have for you a beautiful, light, airy Essie sheer. It doesn't actually have to be sheer - this is only two thin coats, but I've gotten it opaque in three thicker ones. This is another one of those polishes that makes me feel like a thin, delicate layer of porcelain is coating my nails. The base colour of this polish is white, but it has a hint of purple tint - I've found it to be a dupe to OPI Tickets to Paradise, but I drastically prefer the formula of the Essie.

(NB: This is Essie Minimalistic black label (old one). The newer one (B3F, blue label) is a totally different colour - a light pinky-purple lilac. Essie really screwed the pooch on that one.)

Needless to say, I really love this one. And since they've changed the colour so drastically it looks like I'm going to have to conserve it! I have say though...for a muggy, buggy day like today, it was just what I needed.

Do you tend to gravitate to certain colours in the heat? Pales? Neons? Or are you a rogue and completely indifferent to sun's wrath?