Friday, September 3, 2010

Some RGB swatches: Haze (with a dupe comparison!), Punch and Doll

RGB is a lot of money for basic, staple color polishes. And yet I love them so. Barring their white polish -- which was such a streaktastic nightmare that I didn't bother posting it -- their polishes are so smooth, pigmented and easy to apply. And they dry super quick! By the time I'm done taking photos of a swatch, it actually takes some effort to remove... and that's without topcoat!

Warning: I did these swatches a few days after I got home from Chicago. Dry cuticles, a bad case of the peelies, general nail-area unrest. Not the prettiest I've ever done. And I think I forgot how to use my lightbox. But I have the swatches, I may as well post them, right? (Wrong? No? Oh well.)

RGB Punch
Peach pink creme. Good to go with two coats. Applied so smoothly and well. If only the brushes weren't so short and stubby... I hate long brushes but short brushes aren't that comfortable either. Probably not special enough to be worth $14? But I still like it. (Helps that I bought most of my RGB polishes during their BOGO sale awhile back.)

RGB Doll
This polish I absolutely loved. I think it's such a nice clean color for me, even a little bit on the stark side. It's literally the color of calamine lotion. But the application was fabulous. Except for one problem nail, it only took two coats to get opaque! (The problem nail needed three coats.)

RGB Haze (with 10 Professional Showtime on one finger)
Purple taupe creme. There has got to be a better way to describe this color. Like I said, RGB doesn't have horribly original colors so finding some dupes in my collection was inevitable. The formula, however, was not dupey at all. The RGB polish dried extremely fast and was hard to remove after doing a swatch while the 10 Professional polish wiped off very easily. Also, Showtime -- with an obnoxiously long brush that retains a TON of polish and then deposits that ton of polish onto your finger -- took three coats, whereas Haze took only two. 10 Professional can be found in CVS stores for, I believe, $3.99. A $10 difference is hard to argue with... but I still like the RGB better. These days, I value easy application. I've become sort of spoiled in that way.

OK... so I have a secret about Polish or Perish. I'm positively bursting with excitement about it. Should I say, should I say?? *squeeeee!* We're adding a new blogger!! AND SHE'S AWESOME.

Who is it, you ask? ...well, any guesses anyone? Let me give you a hint: you will be glad to see her posting again somewhere out here on the nail blogosphere. A free nail polish to whomever guesses correctly first! (Include your email address when posting!)

And the monthly count-up starts again: September 1st (30m cardio), September 2nd (another 40m fitness walk through the woods with my advisor, though we did discuss my research for the coming quarter: we plotted my Exps 1, 2 and 3!)

Only a couple of days into September and I've already bought a few polishes (from my workout polish allotment for the month). To review, I get 20 polishes of varying values this month from the amount I worked out last month. So far, I got the three ChG BCA polishes (hate pinks but they looked so good), OPI DS Magic and two Butter LONDONs (All Hail McQueen and Cheeky Chops). 14 polishes left to buy and many days left in September...