Monday, September 6, 2010

Some 'edgy neutral' misfires!

I've shown you so many polishes that fall in the 'edgy neutral' category that I adore, I thought it was time to show you some I didn't love, just to even the score. Sometimes not all polishes work - even if they look great in the bottle! Here are a couple that I was excited about, but didn't work out as planned, for different reasons.

$OPI Under My Trench Coat:

I have two Sephora by OPI neutrals that I absolutely love - Metro Chic and Run With It! - and I have been itching to give their sister - Under My Trench Coat - a spin!

This polish reminds me of the clay in art class when I was a kid - complete with shimmer that looks like the little grains in the clay! As pleasant as those memories are, I'm not sure I'm loving carrying that memory around on my nails - it certainly doesn't suit me at all. Even though it is fairly unique in my collection of 'edgy neutrals' thanks to its shimmer, it's not working. All this polish does is bring out the strong yellow tones in my skin, making me look...jaundiced. Nice. Disappointing because I loved it in the bottle!

Off to a new home it goes! I'm sure this would look good on someone with different colouring. :)

Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas:

When I saw this in the bottle, I went completely Gaga for it! (Haha I'm so punny!) It looked like the perfect warmer grey, that doesn't have the green leanings of Essie Chinchilly. Unlike Under My Trench, I actually really like the colour on my nails, and I think it suits me. BUT, the application on this was *horrendous*. Super chalky, and I had to be really careful to load my brush up and use very few strokes, otherwise I'd get uneven bumpiness in the finish that is normally characteristic of pastels. Oh, and I got chips after a day. For such expensive polish, this is ridiculous, and I just don't look forward to wearing it because of the application and wear issues. Away it goes!

So that's all for today! Have you ever bought a polish because of how it looked in the bottle only to be disappointed later?