Thursday, September 2, 2010

Half-bottle woes? Tah-Dah!


A third-to-half-empty bottle of polish (or base coat or top coat, whatever) - it shows you the lovely goods that it has to offer but it mocks your inability to get a good brush-full. If you're like me, you rarely buy backups of the same treatments simply because you're afraid of spending the money and then finding the New Wonder Product, leaving you with an extra bottle of shame.


"What is it?", you say. What, you don't all have an extra ball of metallic silver silly putty hanging around? COME ON. Seriously, though - the color doesn't matter, of course - but it is silver putty. Two eggs full, to be exact.


Tah-dah!!!! I'm not saying that I am a genius, I'm just saying that this works, ladies! Smoosh (technical term) the silly putty ball onto the table surface (or a piece of paper, if you're concerned about any damage to your table) and smoosh your bottle into the ball. What you are left with is a perfectly tilted bottle that allows for maximum brush dippage. Voila! I've seen specific tools that do this same trick on some nail supplier websites, but this is adjustable, cheap and a multi-tasker for those of you Alton Brown fans out there.

NOTE: As the silly putty will slump after a while, be sure to remove your bottle and put your putty away after you are done.

Well, will you try it?

Happy day, all!