Friday, September 24, 2010

KleanColor Holo Chrome

A warning for all those who want to find this beauty and make it theirs: IT STINKS TO THE HIGH HEAVENS.

I don't know why but the smell of this polish was so strong, I started coughing while applying it. I have a pretty high tolerance for nail polish scents -- I actually kind of find them soothing and sniffing nail polish in a store while I'm in a different city calms me and makes me feel at home... I may have problems -- but this one was nearly unbearable. But the prettiness made me keep going! What's a couple of hundred brain cells when a holo is this pretty?

KleanColor Holo Chrome

Lots of pics at different levels of blurriness to show off the holo. It actually photographs pretty easily for a holo too. It is slightly more purple than this. It went on really easily but took awhile to dry with Diamont tc. It's hard to tell but there are several dents in this mani because of its long dry time. Unsurprisingly, it dries pretty bumpy because of ALL THE GLITTERS but nothing a couple layers of topcoat won't cure. This is three, stinky coats. Wore it for three days with nary a chip.

Closeup of Holo Chrome

Video of Holo Chrome
Wanna hear something funny? After I got this camera and used it the first few times to do HD videos, I forgot that it had a macro mode... which is why all my videos have been blurry (until today)! Man, I am such a spaz. How I managed to remember enough to graduate from middle school is beyond me.

September 21st (15m cardio), September 22nd (40m cardio), September 23rd (60m cardio + weights).