Friday, September 10, 2010

Long-lasting Surprise: Essie Mink Muffs

In between wearing different shades of red for the Hunt, I've been leaning heavily on my selection of neutral polishes. As you know, I've had some recent 'edgy neutral' bombs, so I wanted to show you a great success! I got this little baby in a swap - the kind of swap where someone really nice contacts me so I really want to trade with them, so I try things from their list I normally wouldn't have purchased. I've had so many successes with this approach (like Chanel Noir Ceramic), and this is no different!

I normally wouldn't have purchased Essie Mink Muffs, because I've heard that its a red-toned taupe. That does not sound like a good recipe for my skin tone at all...

I was wrong. The proof is in the pudding, because I think it is making sweet sweet music with my skin tone!

This picture was taken after 3 days of wear. (A long story involving me almost dying in my car in the middle-of-nowhere Virginia is my excuse for not taking an earlier photo.)

The colour is just heaven - I'd call this a 'deep' taupe - that has less grey in it than Chanel Particuliere, but still enough to take the 'brown' edge off and prevent it from looking dangerously close to poo. I also see a touch of violet in it in certain lights and well, I just love it.

Even better - it lasted forever! Here it is after 6 days of wear:

The green tinge in this pic is from the trees above me. I was walking to the bus stop and realized it was day 6 and I had to take a picture! You can see my nail growing out, but not tipwear, no chips - nothing but shiny, glossy perfection. Colour plus wear has completely catapulted Mink Muffs from not even being on my radar to being Top 10 material!

Has a shade of polish ever taken you completely by surprise and become a favourite?