Friday, September 24, 2010

Essie Jelly Apple

It's my mom's birthday today! In honor of that, I'd like to share her all-time favorite polish with you.  I originally posted this on Little Music Boxes for Mother's Day, but I couldn't wait to share it with you now.

We moved here when I was seven.  I'm originally from New York (about an hour north of Albany), but since my dad used to be a mailman and he couldn't stand delivering mail in the snow, we moved "out west" back in 1987.  I commend my parents for making such a difficult decision to move away from all our relatives (who all pretty much still live back east).  I couldn't imagine packing up one's entire life and moving clear across the country and away from everybody you know.  It must have been really scary.

My dad had a job set aside for him at the post office here so my mom, sister, and I used to bring him to work in the morning (we only had the one car) and we'd pick him up in the evening.  I'm sure my mom was looking for work, but I remember that first summer here was spent running errands, hanging out at the apartment pool, and trying to get to know people.

My mom had always bitten her nails.  When we moved out here, my mom decided to treat herself to acrylic nails.  I remember going with her to the nail salon that very first time.  She chose a bright red polish and she loved it so much that she bought a bottle for herself.  To this day, it's her favorite nail polish and she's probably gone through more bottles of it than I could ever go through.

So what's the name of that polish?  It's Essie Jelly Apple!  So today I decided to swatch my mom's favorite polish for you.  I used four coats of this vivid red jelly and whenever I see it in my collection, I instantly think of my mom.  This picture was taken in the shade.

This next picture was taken in the warm, evening sun.  Sorry about the fingerprint smudge on the bottle!  I usually try to wipe those off before snapping photos.

My mom still gets acrylics and she sometimes branches out to other colors of polish, but her go-to favorite is Jelly Apple.  My mom doesn't read nail blogs, but I still wanted to share this little bit of my life with you.  It's a good memory of mine.  :o)  Happy birthday, Mom!