Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hunt For Red (By) October, Part 3

OK so it's not really a true RED RED but I am *in love* with this colour. Like head-over-heels I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter LOVE. I came upon this polish accidentally. Well, not completely accidentally...I found a duo pack of Essie A-List and this for $5 on Ulta clearance and initially bought it for A-List, which was a contender in my search for the perfect red. I figured that for $5 I got a bonus Essie polish to give away or swap? Lies. Meet my new love, Essie Bordeaux!

I took a million and two pictures of her, so here are the highlights!

Classic pose:

Claw pose, because the lighting was suddenly really good:

Was just relaxing reading the September issue of In Style and loved the way it looked against this black and white photo (Hahaha omg my fingers look so fat - its just the angle, I swear!!):

Bordeaux is so under-rated! I can't believe there isn't more hubbub about this one... It is a fantastic deep red/burgundy jelly with a hint of berry that never looks black, but never looks bright red either. The lasting power is incredible, it's intensely shiny, and goes with everything. I am so enamoured with this, it might just become my new signature colour!

I know it's not really a red red red...but I think it can count as my 'winter red'. What do you think? Is part of my hunt over?