Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing our newest Polish or Perish blogger...!

Let's just say that if I were her, my manis would NEVER have a gap like this:

MAC Earthly Harmony
OMG, look at that jagged, uneven gap. Even a little bit of nail polish seeping into my cuticles! (P.S. I love this polish. I'll post a real review of this one along with some other MAC Jin Soon-Nail Trend A/W '10 polishes soon.) Man, if only there was a tutorial I could easily access on how to clean up my manis with a paintbrush soaked in acetone...

Oh wait. There will be one right on this blog very soon!

That's right! The newest member of the Polish or Perish family is none other than MEGANCHAIR! :D

(Yes, Fuseki525 will be getting a free polish for guessing correctly! I'll be emailing you soon about that...)

Fans of MeganChair's old blog, Little Music Boxes, can sigh with relief. She's back and blogging with us now!

This was a totally unexpected development for all of us. After Megan poofed her blog on Wednesday night, citing burnout and stress, I impulsively invited her to do some less-stress blogging with our little posse. (Between the bunch of us, none of us have to worry that much about keeping up a super regular schedule.) To my surprise and happiness, she accepted! And we are all very excited to welcome her. In a way, I wonder why she hasn't been with us from the beginning... ah well, no use on dwelling on the past. From this day forward, she's one of us!

...and the MeganChair cleanup tutorial will be posted this weekend.

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!