Monday, February 21, 2011

Zoya Gemma & Jules (Intimate, Spring 2011)

And the countdown to 1,000 posts begins... this one is #991, I believe.

These were two were unique polishes to me. I don't have anything like either of them.

Zoya Gemma

Slightly murky green creme, filled with non-subtle (but not glaring) blue and purple shimmer! The application on this one was aggravating: the formula was thick but sheer. I still had some VNL after three coats but I was terrified of bad cuticle drag if I tried a fourth coat. So I left it as is. I thought I'd like it better than I did but I still love the color; the application was just a bit of a pain.

Zoya Jules

This is downright IMPOSSIBLE to capture on camera. It's a light grey/dusty purple shimmer base with gold and maybe a light purple (?) shimmer that pretty much threatens to steal the show from the base. It reminds me of the MAC Idol Eyes eyeshadow: looks like a delicate metallic silvery gold but is shot through with the ghost of a purple tint. Do you guys know what I mean? It's like that purple just rises from the polish for a flash of an instant but kind of disappears immediately... yet leaves behind this really strong impression that you're looking at something that is purple... but not.

OK. I sound crazy there. Either way. It's a beautiful, interesting polish. Three coats, I think... this one was definitely a bit streaky.

(In case you missed the announcement: the Inque contest deadline has been extended to Monday, February 28th! In addition to the prizes offered by Inque, I'm also putting together surprise goody bags for the winner and runners-up.)