Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh dreary winter...

It has been a very dreary winter here in the north east. Since the new year, it has snowed every week so far :( I am very very tired of digging my car out of the snow. Last week I actually had to use the shovel ON my car, that's how much snow we got!! To cheer myself up, I decided to do a bright and summery mani instead of reaching for the winter/fall colors that I still haven't tried. I found this random LA Girl polish in my untried pile. It's really bright in your face for this time of year and definitely fit the bill :)

Not sure what the name is, because it didn't have one! I do remember buying it from Forever21 over a year ago. eek so sad! I have nail polishes that I haven't used from a year ago. Pretty ridiculous. I am sure there are polishes that I have only used once from over a year ago. I guess that tells you something about my nail polish habits................. but I'm still in denial over that haha!

And because I didn't want to remove it after a few days, I decided to make it matte with China Glaze's Matte Magic:

I love how using a matte top coat can give nail polish a whole different personality!

What is your go to nail polish when you need a bit of cheering up?