Monday, February 14, 2011

Cutesy Valentines Mani!

Let me just say - I love Valentine's Day. I love LOVE. I love it in all of its cheesy glory!!

Onto the manicure...

Once upon a time I got some really cute heart sequins/glitters as a swap extra. I thought they were adorable, but I waited until the right time to use them - Valentine's Day was obviously going to be that perfect occassion! I wanted to do a mani that was festive, but not overly 'themed' because I was going to wear it for a little while. So I chose a soft pink manicure with a heart-themed accent nail.

This is the result!

The non-sequin nails are Essie Put A Ripka Ring On It - which is my absolute favourite opaque baby pink creme - 2 coats to creamy goodness! The formula has specks of what is supposed to be diamond dust in it - but it basically looks like the sparsest glitter on the planet. So sparse that you never see it unless its in the bottle...and even then...ehhhhh.... So that was a gimmick, but I adore Judith Ripka jewelry, and the colour and application of this are absolutely divine! Even though I own so many polishes, this is one bottle I'm already halfway done with.

On my thumbs I did several coats of Essie Mini How High and put the hearts over that. Initially I wanted to layer the hearts over each other to cover the whole nail, but they were too thick to do that, so I ended up just scattering them over top. I think it looks pretty cute, and the hearts reflect irridescent purple/blue/green in the light!

I hope all of you enjoy your Valentine's Day - and celebrate the love you give and receive in all of its forms! Did you/are you going to do a themed manicure to celebrate?