Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Done Out In Deco Dilemma

I wanted a little pop of colour in the cold weather, and decided on OPI Done Out In Deco. On other people's swatches, it looked like the perfect winter purple - dusty, vivid but not too bright, and cool toned - a not-quite-lavender. I hunted it down and....was disappointed!

On my hands it looks totally different than other online swatches - heck, it looks like Do You Lilac It! (Which no, it isn't.) I was expecting something dustier and bluer and more...wintery. To be honest, looking at the picture, it looks pretty! But it wasn't what I was hoping for. My dilemma - keep it and love it for what it is, or keep trying to find the colour in my head. Maybe both?

Do you have Done Out in Deco? What does it look like on you?