Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Apology and a Wild Night

First of all, I would like to deliver my sincerest apology to all of you lovely readers of PoP.

I've been really absent of late when it comes to posting, specifically when it comes to responding to comments, and for that I am incredibly sorry. Time has been of the essence lately (isn't it always? I petition for four more hours a day, is anyone with me?) and though I value all of you so much, I really have had a hard time posting let alone responding to all of your comments. I faithfully read all of your statements at the end of my posts, I just don't seem to be able to devote the time to responding all of the time. I promise to attempt to be better about this in the future and if I fail at this, please know that I do value everything you say and I love reading your responses!

That being said, please allow me the pleasure of taking you all for a run with a Wild Night -

Ulta's Wild Night, of course! (I'd love to also take you out for a wild night filled with nachos and margaritas, but I don't think we are geographically blessed enough for that to happen!)

Wild Night is a deep, moody navy blue with an incredibly lovely blue shimmer throughout. It's definitely a cool-toned blue vamp, and I loved every stroke of this one. The application was flawless - two coats and not a stroke to be seen. This one also works as a lovely layering polish, which you'll see in my next post (hint, hint).

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Ulta has seriously won my heart with their polishes. My only complaint is that I've purchased all of their funky colors. Let's work on this, Ulta! Throw me some crazies!

Happy day, all!