Sunday, February 20, 2011


The new deadline for the Inque Nail Design contest is Monday, February 28th. (It's a whole extra weekend to flex your creative muscles!) All submissions must be in by 11:59PM PST (2:59AM EST).

For those who have missed out on the original announcement, the contest is for one Polish or Perish reader to have her own guest artist series of nails sold at Inque. Anyone is welcome to apply: simply design a series of nail sets! Your fellow readers will vote on which nail set series they think Inque should sell next!

The winner will not only see her nails sold on Inque's website (and on other peoples' nails!), she will also receive a 10% commission on all sales (and get some free Inque nails to boot). Runners-up will receive some free Inque nails.

I will also be putting together nail polish goody bags for winner and runners-up: I plan to give away some Street Wears, some Anchors Away China Glazes, some overly sparkly Asian polishes and other goodies from my personal stash. :D

For more details, read the rules posted here!

A handful of submissions have come in and they are looking fabulous. However, please read the guidelines over carefully! All submissions must have a MINIMUM OF FIVE (5) sets of right and left nails. (The maximum number of designs per submission is 20.)

If you look at the guest artist "galleries" on Inque's website, you'll see that each guest artist has at least 7 designs for sale. For instance, Grey (the LeGothique blogger) has 17 designs. These are 17 different SETS of nails. The winner of this competition will be one of these guest artists and will thus need at least 5 sets of nails to have her own "gallery".

Also, please do try to adhere to the format of the submission guidelines. These are in place so that when your fellow readers go to vote on which set they'd want to buy the most, they will be able to see all your beautiful creations clearly.

(Trust me, if you do not submit screenshots as specified in the guidelines, readers are unlikely to vote for you because they won't have a clear idea of your grand vision for their nails!)

Please post questions if you have them or contact me using the form above!