Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Red Re-visited - Essie Limited Addiction

After my Hunt for Red last year, I was pretty burned out on reds. However, during my red hiatus, I've felt as though perhaps I dismissed a couple red options too quickly, and that they deserved a second look. The first red I wanted to re-visit - Essie Limited Addiction.

I can't even tell you how many people have raved about this colour! Not the least of which is Piff - who puts it in her 2010 Top 20! (She may not be in love with it, but I think it looks darn good on flinty here was well!) This colour seems to have converted so many people who weren't even red fans to begin with, so I definitely had to give this another whirl.

Verdict? Definite keeper. It's still darker than my 'ideal' classic bright red, but its simply gorgeous in most lights and I really enjoyed wearing it. Like all reds, there are just some lights it looks dark ugly in - like the heavy fluorescent light in my looks like dried up rotten ketchup in there! Somehow I'm learning that there is no way around this unfortunate problem. All colours change in different kinds of light - duh right? But for some reason I can tolerate and enjoy this change in all colour families besides red. I think I might just need therapy. But Limited Addiction is now a member of my permanent stash!

Have you ever kicked something out of your collection only to fall in love with it later?