Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two of my custom-designed Inque nail stickers: leaves and stars!

I do not know what was up with my camera when I took photos of my green/yellow leaves Inque custom mani. They all came out strangely blurry and the only passable one was not a particularly good photo. :(

flinty's custom Inque #1
...I need to make up good names for these. Any ideas? This one looked a lot like camo from a distance. I really liked the way this set came out.

flinty's custom Inque #2

Doesn't it look like the stars are actually shining in the bottom sunlight photos? These were taken on the third (?) day of wear. I did a terrible job applying the index finger -- it's cursed, I tell ya, even with normal polish -- but the rest of them turned out okay. If I had to do this over again -- and, I won't lie, I probably will -- I would try to create a more cohesive color theme. But as it is, I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out.

Anyway... you all should pay attention to the blog tomorrow morning. We're announcing an Inque-related contest!