Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zoya Veruschka, Posh, Savita


(2 coats)

Wonderful formula. It's smooth, doesn't dry too quick, and is opaque in two easy coats. Plus a bonus over the first set of mattes from Zoya (Posh, Loredana, Dovima), the brush isn't nearly as floppy so the thicker, matte formula is easier to control.


(1 coat)

Posh is opaque in 1 coat but I use two. Base coat, 1 coat, slow dry top coat, 1 coat. This is how I get the most longevity.

(2 coats)

Who knew it was possible for a matte to be water-y, thick, and crumbly all at once? The formula on this is atrocious. But the color, oh the color, is glorious. There's something about it matte, the shimmer is captivating. Interestingly, with topcoat, I find the shimmer kind of disappoints; it is a lot less depth-y than you think it would be.