Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zoya Harley & Essie Mint Candy Apple

Today I have a couple of polishes I have had in my stash for years but never worn.

(3 coats)

Sigh I love this color. I really love it. The pigmentation could be better but the color itself is lovely.

But me and Harley don't get along. The gray is too soft, too cool, too light. My hands too yellow, too warm, and too saturated in their coloring.

So she goes into my purge pile. I've held onto her for 2 years, wearing her only once. It's time to send her to a home that can put her to use.

(2 coats)

I bought this sucker as soon as it came out. Swatched it, hated the chalky/gritty formula, and ignored it.

I don't know what happened. I really don't. Maybe I've become more tolerant (very unlikely), maybe I've learned how to apply polish better (pretty likely), maybe the formula has mellowed out in those many months in the wine (likely very impossible but, honestly, the only explanation I truly believe).

The point: The formula on this is pretty decent. It's not flawless (notice the bald spots on my index and pinky), but given how much white is in this sucker it doesn't apply all that horribly. Yes it certainly leans chalky over buttery. But it flowed nicely and was even and level in 2 coats. I don't know what happened.