Sunday, June 12, 2011

OPI Have a Tempura Tan-Trum

OK - this is my last foray into the '05 Japan Collection.

I was disappointed with how Let Them Eat Rice Cake looked on me and inspired by this post on Nail Juice which indicated that there were 3 nudes in the Japan collection: One red toned (Miso Happy With This Color - btw imo there's not-PC playful homage and there's straight up offensive and this name is the latter), one blue toned (Let Them Eat Rice Cake) and one yellow toned (Have a Tempura Tan-Trum).

So I picked up Have a Tempura Tan-Trum immediately (eBay) and yes it does look better on me!

(4 coats)

But it also needed FOUR coats. For a nude! (It dried a little bit better than Let Them Eat Rice Cake did, however.) But really, these polishes are not worth it. Almost everybody makes nude cremes. And many only need 2 coats.