Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nfu.Oh 497: so bright it broke my camera

Usually I try to show my photos as 'normally' as possible - I take off all my fancy pants custom camera settings (it's used more frequently for portraiture and suchlike), leave it on P, take off the colour tweaks, and off I go. This one? 60 shots later, I am still no-where near doing it justice. It's just SO. AWESOME. Seriously. This is straight into my top-ten polishes - I do not want to take it off.

First off, I should say, this polish was sent to me for review by Affiniti, who are Nfu.oh's UK stockist. They are about to open a non-trade sales website, which I am very happy about, having spent 8 months trying to track down the flakies. (You US ladies have it made). After trying this and No.56 (coming soon to a blog near you) and going bananas for them I now have a wishlist as long as my arm, so as soon as I can afford it - on which see below - I will be getting more (GS14, come to mama!). I don't think I would have chosen this colour if it wasn't sent to me, but I'm so glad it was because I adore it.

You see this? This is like, a quarter of how amazing this polish is in the flesh. It's very very bright, yet deep and oceanic. It's creamy, yet squishy and super shiny and vinyl-like without having any VNL. It's super blue, but has a slightly cyan undertone (which is probably overplayed here, because most of the shots made it look like a light turquoise). Most blues look purple on my skin but this is really flattering. It was a whizz to apply in two coats and I just love it to death. I think it's knocked Illamasqua force off my no.1 blue spot. I also have an extra special reason to love it...

It's the same colour as my new car.

I am now on a no-buy. For the rest of my life.

OK, I jest - the ilexicamobile does 60 miles per gallon, so it's not going to bankrupt me, but it seems a good opportunity to spend less money on non-car stuff since the insurance is a bit steep, what with being a newly qualified driver (I passed my test yesterday). I will be thinking up some rules for a shop my stash challenge for the next post, and hopefully the threat of public shame will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Having a car is going to make my life so much easier. I commute 160 miles to university (usually once a week, usually on a train) so being able to make it under my own steam if the weather's horrid or I'm due back late will be heaven. Hoo-rah!

Edit - the UK Nfu Oh retail site has now launched. It's at Enjoy!