Wednesday, June 1, 2011

k2k goes BRIGHT! - Essie Geranium

I usually reserve brights for my toes - I'm a bit scared to wear them on my tips! What with the unofficial start of summer (Memorial Day weekend), I was suddenly in the mood to have some colour to pop against my almost-always-neutral outfits!

So I chose Essie Geranium, a super award-winning polish that I picked up at Ulta for a buck a long time ago when I was visiting my mother. (Her Ulta always has the most random/wonderful things on sale.) This is a polish I lovelovelove on my toes, but it's never ventured onto my tips.

Until now...

I received *so many* compliments on this mani it was ridiculous! I guess because it was more noticeable? I wore this with neutral outfits - blacks, greys, whites, khakis - and delicate turquoise jewelry and I think it worked really well. I usually steer clear of such loud hues on my tips, but something about the season has me feeling adventurous. The fact that I think this colour really works with my skin tone and lil' nubbins doesn't hurt either! I think the name of this polish is absolutely perfect - Geranium - yes, named after a flower, but it also sounds like it could be a radioactive element!

Colour me converted - I now imagine that I'll be sporting this and other orange-y colours (a la Essie Meet Me At Sunset - *swoon*) on my tips this summer! And maybe a bright pink or two? We shall see...

Do you wear brights in summer? What are your faves?