Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nails Inc St John's Wood (oh and I'm going to Taipei today)

Nails Inc St John's Wort
This was a GREAT polish: pretty blurple creme that applied just perfectly in two coats. Dried very quickly too with Diamont. If only Nails Inc weren't so expensive in the US...

I'm leaving in a few hours for Taipei, Taiwan. It'll be a short trip for the amount of travel I'll be logging (over 30 hours in a plane coming and going for a visit that will last approximately six days) but I couldn't really get away for longer and I had to go. My 94-year-old grandfather is very ill and there's not much doctors can do for him. I haven't seen him in three years and we're not close at all but I think I'll deeply regret it if I don't see him one more time. This is not a trip I'm looking forward to; I just feel so sad.

(Also, I still hate traveling by plane. Getting better at it though. And flying across the Pacific is a long flight. Or rather, it's a long flight flying up the West Coast of the US, Canada, Alaska, across the Bering Sea, then down the coast of Russia, over Japan and the East China Sea. I think it's... faster? that way around rather than flying clear across the ocean.)