Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hard Candy Beetle

You know when you pass something by and kick yourself later, only to be given a second chance by another brand? THANK YOU, Hard Candy!

Please feast your eyes (yet again, as you've probably seen this fifty times) on Beetle by Hard Candy -

After passing over Orly's Space Cadet during a (rare) frugal moment in Ulta and kicking myself for days, I waltzed on in to a Walmart and was granted this little lovely. A color-changing wonder, this is another one of those car accident colors - a color so intriguing that you risk running into other cars while turning your wheel because "OOOOOOH look at that color!"

Here she is "in motion" -

Olive-gold-orange-pink, Hard Candy is all that an a bag of chips. Whether you opt for this one or Space Cadet, get one of these lovelies for your tips.

Happy day, all!