Monday, December 13, 2010

China Glaze Black Diamond

Well hello again, my friends! Can you say the end of finals? I certainly can! Bring on the vacation!!

Even though I have been absent, I have not been without polish, I assure you. Well, I take that back - I was for one say, and I felt more than naked... I felt like I was naked AND wearing shoes. You know, exposed AND weird.

I did manage to get some of this little lovely - China Glaze Black Diamond.

I was lemming this one (did I use that term correctly?) for quite some time and finally tossed it in Ye Olde Trans Design shopping cart, you know, because I DESERVED IT. What I didn't deserve was the sheerness of this polish. Four coats? FOUR COATS? Sister, please. I do not DO six coats, especially for a dark polish. You make it in two or you get ignored, Ms. Polish.

So anyway, yes, I loved the graphite shimmer of this polish and I loved the wear, but four coats? No ma'am.

Hint: I think I may have found a sweet, CHEAP dupe. (huzzah!) More to come.

Happy day, all! I have missed you!