Friday, September 16, 2011

Illamasqua Load

Load and I have history. The first time I applied this was on the train on the way to a gig (Innerpartysystem's last London show, in case you're interested. Probably not.) In retrospect, I was a little ambitious thinking I could get away with applying a pastel in a moving vehicle. The result was pretty predictable: it went everywhere and I looked like I had advanced stage leprosy. I wore gloves to the gig. So I cursed it, and filed it away in my drawer.

Giving it another go, I think I was much too hasty to dismiss this. Yes, it requires a lot of care to apply. It's thick and a bit gloppy and messy like most pastels, and takes three coats to opacity. It's obvious if the coats don't quite line up, because you get thick, semi-opaque tidemarks around the edges, which irks me a bit. I don't like having to work to get my polish perfect, since it's usually one of my 'kick back with a beer and bad TV*' activities. It also takes a bit of a while to dry.

And yet...I LOVE the colour! And in the pictures, it looks so perfect, so the work is definitely worth it. (Though I say so myself). It's such a gorgeously versatile shade, cream being one of my favourite colours, and it looks lovely on. Definitely worth the extra effort. This even works as a stamping or overlay colour because it's thick, which is unusual for such a pale colour.

As an aside, I can't help being reminded of buttercreme. Honestly, Illamasqua try their hearts out to come up filthy names, and all I can think of is food. Mmm...cake.

*Not so bad, lately - I'm totally hooked on both Forbrydelsen and The Killing and have been watching them simultaneously. Really great, both of them!