Wednesday, September 28, 2011

China Glaze Ginger

Things I am a sucker for:

1) Spice colours,
2) Holo glitter.

This is a two in one! I love the colour - it's subtle but striking. There are flecks of silver microglitter that give the polish a bit of dimensionality in sunlight, and the scattered holo really pops in low light. It's pretty sheer so 3-4 coats are needed for opacity, but this lasted through me stripping wallpaper and repainting*, so I'm impressed with the wear.

*I've finally accepted that my 'study' is a total mess. It is, or rather was, basically the least appropriate room to do work in. I tried to de-decorate the room when we moved in by getting shot of the four different kinds of textured wallpaper, but somehow the job never got finished (and nor did the skanky carpet get replaced, or the broken radiator, or the window with the half-inch gaps outside the frame...). So I finally ripped the last of it off, repainted, made curtains, yadda yadda. The best part is that doing all this allowed me to buy a new bookshelf and filing cabinet. So part two of Operation Study involved sorting through six years of non-existent filing, which was three days of hell. But I am DONE, the room is no longer freezing, and I can find my journal print-offs. Result, and totally worth the three broken nails.