Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gateway drug - SpaRitual Sacred Ground

So this is a bit of a story...

As some of you know, I have a strict "brand rule". I stick to a couple brands that I know work for me and have good lasting power for two primary reasons - a.) it limits my spending and b.) saves me the frustration of trying to get formulas to work for me that just...don't.

I placed an online order a while back and included some polishes a friend wanted - one of them being SpaRitual's Sacred Ground. The company accidentally sent me two of them, so I felt it was destiny for me to try it out...before I gave it away of course.

Lo and behold, I loved it.

(The pictures I took looked so much colourful in Photoshop when I cropped them. Somehow when I put them in here, the depth and beauty of the shimmer was lost. Maybe it will work on some of your monitors and it's just Blogger being weird??)

A gorgeous polish...a gunmetal grey base that seems to have hints of smoky purple and/or green...with warm gold and purple shimmer. Incredible, without being over the top. AND the formula was great. I now count SpaRitual and Orly as "allowed brands"...I wonder if this will be really bad for my wallet?

Have you tried SpaRitual? What do you think?