Saturday, April 2, 2011

Orly Pure Porcelain and Ancient Jade (Precious, Spring 2011)

Orly Ancient Jade
Ahh Orly. You of the lovely formulas since everyone became B3F (unusual because the first B3F polishes seemed like they were kinda wonky... or maybe just China Glaze?). I love mint greens but I have a thousand mint greens by now. It's a great color if you don't own one like it -- and it went only very smoothly in two coats. Like, but not love. I think I'm jaded. (haha, get it?)

Orly Pure Porcelain
I don't know why my fingers look so lobstery in this photo. It IS a fairly stark pastel pink (and if you're careful, you can do two coats instead of three -- which is awesome for stark pastels) but it didn't look so bad in regular indoors lighting. (Both these photos were taken in my lightbox during one of the more dreary winter days a couple of weeks ago.)

I need something to do. I mean, I guess I could do work? My research is starting to look like one big fat bust at the moment. (And SPSS is being a bitch so I'm kind of teaching myself R. I used SAS in the past so R's utter lack of drop down menus and little boxes to check isn't as daunting... but it still took me half an hour to figure out how to run a multivariate correlation analysis, which is easy-peasy in SPSS. Frickin' SPSS.) I could put together a lecture on probability for the intro stats course I'm TA'ing. I could do the dishes. I could continue making jewelry out of leftover beads and wire that I found in my closet (from previous jewelry-making ventures). I don't feel like doing my nails. I HAVE to do something or else I'm going to go crazy. My grandfather, after many months of weaving in and out of a coma, passed away this morning. Even though he and I were never close, I'm still kind of devastated. So I need to keep busy. Very, very busy.