Monday, April 11, 2011

Not-So-Purple JELLY - OPI Houston We Have A Purple

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I *SWORE* I wasn't going to get any of the OPI Texas collection polishes, but then I got curious...

Houston We Have A Purple is one of the polishes in the collection with the "sorbet" finish. (I hate this. It's a jelly, people. We know what a jelly is. OPI insults our intelligence.)

I personally find this to be more pink-red than purple, but I've got to say - I really like the colour! This was four coats, and while that wasn't so fun to do, the result is quite pretty - I think the finish adds depth to the colour without the need for shimmer.

Will I be picking up more of these? No. But will I wear this one? Absolutely! I'm going to love it in summer especially!

What do you think of OPI essentially "re-branding" the jelly finish? Smarmy or smart?