Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OPI Jasper Jade! A long a-wanted HTF :D

Before I forget: thank you everybody for your kind words about my family. I really appreciate them.

And now, my NOTD:

OPI Jasper Jade
When I joined NB in early 2007, this was the HTF that everyone was raving about. Not quite on par with the sort of raving that goes on with Clarins 230... but it was up there. (To this day, it's still expensive on eBay.) I've been dusty-hunting since the end of 2007 and have never been able to locate it. So when a lovely NBer said she found a stash and could get me a couple of things... OMG, so excited! (And so grateful!) And so she sent it. And I gotta say: I like it, it's not bad at all, but compared to what we get these days, the major thing that it has going for it is its rarity. Three coats, a little brushstrokey, normal dry time. It is a rather pretty blackened forest green shimmer. :)

Jasper Jade bottle sticker

Closeup of Jasper Jade

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