Sunday, April 3, 2011

A little circus story - OPI I Juggle...Men

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When my dad was in grad school he quit - and joined the circus. Seriously! He was in the circus for a long time, mainly as an acrobat and he sometimes even did the magic sideshow. I loved this when I was a kid - I would always demand that he perform tricks for my friends while I looked on proudly. (My favourite was him doing a handstand on a skateboard and skating back and forth between two driveways!) He's taught me some things along the way, and as a result I have a huge affection for the circus! (Except clowns. Ugh.)

So when I heard about the OPI Femme de Cirque collection, I couldn't help but swoon with nostalgia. The only one I've picked up so far is I Juggle...Men. (Ironic, because even after all this time, I still can't juggle for crap. I breathe fire, ride a unicycle, but I can't juggle. Go figure.) I can see myself picking up the whole collection at some point though, just because I adore the theme and the names!

And I just *LOVE* this topcoat! It is perfection!

I present - OPI I Juggle...Men! (Over Essie Looking for Love.)

I got a little carried away filing my nails down...oops!

Close-up to see the shimmer...

The shimmer in this is much more colourful and beautiful than in my pictures - its insanely hard to capture. Oi. Just trust me, it's beautiful and should be seen in person! I took some bottle pics to try to give you a better idea...

I put this over Essie Looking for Love because I wanted something soft that would coordinate with the shimmer in I Juggle...Men. It would also look great over a dark or contrasting colour , but this is just the mood I was in. The little sparkles in this twinkle pink, purple and blue (NOT silver, like it looks in the picture!) and are just the right size to go seamlessly over any polish without looking contrived - it looks like it just *belongs*. I got so many compliments on this mani it was insane!

So here's to you Dad - maybe one day I will finally learn how to juggle! (And then quit grad school?)