Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GOSH Miss Sweety and a giveaway

This is from the annals of 'colours I loved in the bottle, and hated on me'. In the bottle it had such promise - a lovely peachy tan nude, just a little darker than my skintone. I had it in mind as a potential go-to neutral, for the occasions - conferences, meetings and the like - when my usual manicures are a little de trop. I think it would probably look nice on someone with a tan (i.e. not me, at least not if it keeps raining), but I just can't wrap my head around what's wrong with the colour - too 1980s? Too sickly? Too dark? I'm not sure.
Aside from the colour, the application was a pig. This is three thick coats and the first two were streak city. The third evened it out, but after whacking on some seche vite and waiting half an hour trying not to mush it, I managed to completely melt one nail getting dinner out of the oven. Four. Hours. Later. Then I buggered another nail in the bath six hours after application. Crazy. Needless to say, I won't be reaching for this for a while.

Anyway! Following that rather negative review, I do have a positive. I bought 6 GOSH polishes on three-for-two and managed in the process to buy two exact dupes for polishes I already have. It appears I know what I like and forget what I own. This is...what, dupe number four for OPI hot & spicy that I've accidentally bought? Oops. This tendency also accounts for the number of largely identical pairs of purple high heels I own.

So, rather than hog the dupes, I will be giving them away. I will post them anywhere, so if you can't get GOSH in your country this is for you! To enter, please leave a comment on THIS post, tell me what things you can't help yourself from buying 'repeats' of.

- one entry per person
- anyone can enter
- closes May 2nd midnight GMT
- I will announce the winner the following day; you have 7 days to contact me before I select another winner.