Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Revlon Top Speed polishes: Cloud and Electric

The funny thing about photos is that sometimes, the great polishes turn out looking kinda crappy... and the totally crappy polishes come out looking great.

Revlon Electric

Lemon yellow shimmer. The photo actually makes it look like it was a nice polish. Do not be deceived! It was not that much worse than the typical yellow shimmer (streaky, sheerish, hard to build) but I've tried enough yellow polishes to know that it's possible to have a good yellow that is perfect in two coats, three at most. This was four: it was a hot mess on my nails and I thought that maybe if I put on more layers, it would look better. That was not true.

Revlon Cloud

It's not quite as much of a baby blue as the photos make it out to be; it's more of a light lavender. This one applied beautifully... but it apparently needed a third coat. (I did this swatch in the demi-gloom of my apartment. I should maybe try turning on lights next time.) The above photos are just two coats. But even though there's a bit of patchiness, I think that it's obvious that it's pretty nice for a two coats of a pastel.