Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Huemorista bottle pics... (and again, I don't mean to be an over-privileged spoiled brat...)

Because of the heavy rains, my apartment building (and about half of the town) lost power for about half the day today. This is a great spring break I'm having this year...

A college buddy of mine came through town en route to a nice romantic getaway with her SO. (Happily, her romantic getaway was not a literal wash-out like mine was. However, their nice leisurely drive down Highway 1 through charming California towns turned into "oh crap, it's wet and windy with no visibility and traffic lights are not working because power lines are down.")

We were planning to meet for lunch so the early part of my afternoon was spent calling about a dozen restaurants and asking, "Hey, are you serving lunch? Yes? Do you have electricity? No? Great, thanks!" A surprising number of restaurants stayed open even though they had no power. I guess you don't need it to assemble a salad or to serve a soda!

To make today not a complete bust in terms of polish: I took some bottle pics of my recent order from Huemorista, an Etsy seller who makes some very pretty (but kinda small) frankens. She sells them in sets of 3 for $12 per set. I bought two. :)

As other bloggers have noted, the wrapping was super cute. Shipping was a bit slow -- she's a one-woman operation so I don't hold this against her -- but she included a free shipping coupon to make up for the delay.


From the back:

And some close-ups...
Bubble Bath
Light blue (possibly jelly) with opalescent glitter and (it looks like) flakies.

Midnight Invite
Glitter and flakies in a dark blue jelly. Yum!!

Kisses de Tulips
Coral pink jelly with opalescent flakies.
Hidden Rainbow
Not a very well-hidden rainbow. :) LOOKIT THE GLITTER!

Herbal Steam
Muted moss green with fine blue (?) shimmer.

Clover Fields
Nope, not a dupe for Creme de Menthe but a cheerful pastel emerald shot through with what appears to be fine gold shimmer.

Can't wait to try these! I think I may put one on now to celebrate the fact that I have electricity! :D