Monday, March 7, 2011

Essie Pound Cake

I've been shopping my stash a lot lately. I haven't felt the urge to pick up anything from any new collections and I definitely haven't caught crackle fever!

Worse still, I'm not changing my mani as frequently. I think this all has to do with winter. The dark gloominess is getting me down. Plus my apartment is SO DRY. I have a dinky little humidifier that isn't helping ("The humidifier...she does nothing!!!").

My father is from Jamaica and while I was born in Canada and I don't mind the cold, it's painfully clear my body does. My skin is so dry; it cracks, tears and gets so itchy. My nails are no different. They peel like madness and so I have to keep my nails super super short. (Yes I am moisturizing like crazy, don't even start with me!)

Because of that I've been gravitating towards the nudes in my collex. (I have both long and pudgy fingers; I find dark colors on my super, super short nails make my fingers look like kielbasas).

Anyway, my nails have grown out a bit from their shortest so I am feeling confident enough to show you a new favorite of mine.

I LOVE this color. I'd call this a very pale pink with a splash of beige rather than a straight up nude or even a pinky-beige. It's a beigey-pink, ya'll!!

The is one of those old school black labels and the formula went on opaque in two coats.