Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some apparently retail-exclusive Essies: Jamaica Me Crazy and Dive Bar

As most people already know, L'Oreal recently acquired Essie and now Essie polishes are being sold at drugstores. I had heard they were only Walmart and Walgreens so far but I found the following at CVS. They retail like any other Essie (about $8).

(Hey, do you all remember the good ol' days when the etailers sold Essies to non-professionals for half the price? Those were good days.)

Essie Jamaica Me Crazy

Doesn't another company have a polish named this that's also a similar hot pink color? Pure Ice, maybe (another Walmart brand). I'm not one for fuchsias -- and I always misspell it -- but this one just LEAPT out of the display... and into my shopping basket. (Funny how that happens, eh?) It's such an exuberant and cheerful color! Very, very shimmery. Simply put: hot. I think I'd wear this on my toes. Two coats. Applied beautifully.

Essie Dive Bar

Photos do not capture this polish at all. Here, it just looks like your regular sexy blackened blue/teal shimmer. But it's actually a bit more duochromey than that. It gets kind of black and kind of green, depending on the angle, and while it is a weak duochrome effect, it's still pretty awesome. The application was less awesome: kind of brushstroke-y. And surprisingly: three coats. I would've assumed this was a two-coater.