Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ha! Finally found the two of the Milani One-Coat (not really) Glitters I wanted: Blue Flash and Purple Gleam!

Maybe I need to start using topcoat when I swatch glitters. My glitter photos always look so gritty. :P Because the glitters are gritty.

Milani Purple Gleam

Despite how dull this manicure looks in my photos, really, this is an amazing polish. It's so sparkly! And I love the mix of purple and black glitter. Opaque in two coats.

Close up on Purple Gleam

Milani Blue Gem

I don't know how people have such good luck with the application of this one. I found it to be the hardest to apply, and after three coats, I still had bald spots. Maybe I need to apply thinner coats?

Close-up of Blue Gem