Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Silk Stockings - Essie Au Natural

Just a quick shot for you today - normally I wouldn't share this as its just a snap with my cell phone camera at the bus stop and doesn't really show off the colour or finish, but I loved how it showed off the shine! (Check out those little star shaped reflections - you can almost hear them say *pling*!)

I wasn't feeling really manicure-inspired, so I put on two coats of Essie Au Natural - it looks taupe in the bottle, but what it really is is silk stockings in polish form. My mother always says that "Ladies always wear stockings!" and this really embodies that. It looks clear - like bare legs - from a distance, but the tone is evened out and there's a little bit of a sheen to it...

I'll show you a good shot of this one of these days, but to be honest my nails can't bear the close-up right now! Suffice to say this is one of my favourite sheers - it never looks yellow (ick) or pink (just not in the mood sometimes). I highly recommend it!