Friday, November 19, 2010

Milani DressMaker

(3 or 4 coats, I can't remember)

This would not dry on me! Dentable until I took it off, about 24 hours later. But I got 2 compliments on the color at work. (My previous record was one for Cajun Shrimp.)

I really should have just bought the Chanel (because I've now spent more trying to dupe Jade than just buying it). (However, I wont be picking up Riva. Maybe I haven't learned my lesson. Maybe I'm not falling for consumerist tricks. Either way, I'll live.) I have Dressmaker (the closest in color), Sold Out Forever (the best formula), and Dreamcatcher (my favorite).

(1 coat: Dressmaker, Dream Catcher, Sold Out Forever)

(3 coats: Dressmaker, Dream Catcher, Sold Out Forever)

Dressmaker and Dream Catcher both have pretty bad formulas. But at least Dream Catcher dried on me. Sold Out Forever's formula is impressive considering lots of brands have trouble getting a nice two-coater out of a pastel (this didn't need the 3 coats it had in the comp photo). However, its shimmer is definitely the most subtle.

(P.S. It's my bday!)