Monday, November 22, 2010

Cult Classic - OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

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This polish deserves a special mention. It single-handedly started the taupe-craze that has spawned many of my favourite polishes - I seriously love this colour family! - but this was the grand-daddy of them all. Since his release (I always think of You Don't Know Jacques! as a he...) other companies have been riffing off of this theme, hoping to capture some of it's money-making popularity for themselves. And its worked! Thanks to YDKJ, a great fad has now become a classic.

Excuse my skin in this was really cold out so my hands are kind of chapped and

It really is much more flattering on me that it appears in this photo, as my skin is much more yellow in reality. YDKJ always reminds me of brownie batter somehow...not the homemade kind, but the from-the-box kind. And that's a good thing! And it never fails to make me feel chic. I think this is a must-have in any modern girl's collection...

Do you own this cult classic polish?