Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It snowed on Hallowe'en...

So... this is a little late but although I haven't been around in a while I have still been doing manis and taking pics from time to time.  For Hallowe'en this year (yes, it's a HUGE deal to me: :P) I rocked out cybergoth style with a touch of a snowflake motif. Because my "costume" (such as it was) was electric blue and black I figured I should have a mani just as awesome. Now it's just in time for the holidays!

The extra touch of awesome comes from the fact that it's also Louboutin mani inspired so there's electric blue under the nail too.

China Glaze - Liquid Leather (base)
China Glaze - Frostbite (stamp, under tip)
China Glaze - Awaken (snowflake stamp)
Konad - Silver (snowflake stamp)
Konad - m59 (snowflake)
Konad - m70 (graffiti)

Hope you guys like it!