Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reader Request: China Glaze Meteor Shower

I swatched this one a couple of weeks back but never had the opportunity to post it but since skgoh asked for some darker colors, I figured I'd post this one that I had now.

China Glaze Meteor Shower

China Glaze is really making the most of square glitter, huh? I haven't seen it much in other polishes but a bunch of the new ChGs have them. Anyway -- I think this was three coats and not the smoothest polish on the planet (glitter like that rarely is) but absolutely worth it... if a little thick-looking. There are a couple of colors of glitter (mostly square, a couple of hexes thrown in) suspended in this dark blue jelly which looks beautiful through all those layers. ...I don't know why I feel so "meh" towards it.

Close-up of Meteor Shower