Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zoya Tamsen & Ashley

Sadly swatch pictures (almost universally, including mine) are not accurate on this one. You are better off believing the description on the Zoya site: a "Medium warm brick red with strong orange tones" indeed.

(2 coats)

I bought this instead of Sooki because I was fairly sure Sooki would not look good on me and I am forever in search of a great orange based red.

But this is red, orange and a healthy helping of brown. Sure in bright light it's gorgeous. But really, in most other lights it's just a brick red (I tried to capture it in the last photo but even that is still too red in my view).

If you're still interested well then SLAM it into your checkout cart because the formula is love. Smooth, silky, and you can almost do one thick coat and call it done (instead i did 2 medium coats). No drying issues either (for me).

(3 coats)

I went through my stash and counted. I have 2 berry-red cremes. And this is one of them. And I like it! Very much. (Ladies of Color - if you are having a hard time finding a red that you can pull off, inch over to the berry-reds. They're very flattering.)

But as I purge I have to be strict about formula and 3 coats to get an even finish on what is a standard berry-red creme is....well. I can't go for that, noOOooooo (noo); no can do.

So now I have one berry-red creme in a stash of hundreds. Maybe I'll covet it now, instead of ignoring the poor dear.